pleated curtains amazon

The Pencil Pleated Curtains

If we talk about curtains, it has become very common for us to bump into pleated curtains. Well, such curtains are made by making narrow folds caused by pressing or sewing together two parts of cloth. That is why the curtains’ appearance is not just a mere cloth used to cover window. They often have folds for they are made by pleated style. Pencil pleated curtains to boot, can give […]

asda polka dot curtains

Polyester Polka Dot Curtains

Are you searching for window décor? Then, you must have tried to look for all kinds of curtain. There are many different clothes to make them. It is way better if you can choose the one that will help to decorate the window as well as to be able to last for years to come with its durability. If you don’t mind buying the thin one, then you can choose […]

burgundy and beige curtains

Burgundy Curtains by Regal Home Collections

If we are talking about burgundy curtains, then we must know what burgundy is. Literally, burgundy is a deep red color, the color that is even deeper than a rose. As you already know, red is perfect to make rich and elegant atmosphere in a room. However, what can we do to gain such thing if we cannot bear the deep red color on the curtain? Let’s see below. Burgundy […]

nautical curtains nursery

Nautical Curtains for Getting Sailing Atmosphere

Pattern has become something important for decoration purpose. Why not? The effect given by pattern can be really amazing to the extent that it can change atmosphere in a room. Moreover, plain curtain for example, sometimes can look so boring. That is why curtains are made with pattern for it can also look good when the light comes in. Let’s take nautical curtains as an example here. Nautical Curtain Patterns […]

taupe chevron curtains

Taupe Curtains: the Brownish Grey Colored Ones

Various furniture or decorations are made in various colors. Sometimes, the color looks absolutely obvious, like white, red, yellow, blue, etc. However, there are also the ones with combination of colors with or without one of them being the major one. Taupe color for example, is a grey with slight brown color. In home design, you will often find taupe curtains. Let’s see how they look. Taupe Curtain Designs Even […]

buy string curtains

String Curtains for Dramatic Modern Flair

Curtains are not always made from cloth. Even the one made out of countless strings can serve as curtain too. Well, they might not be able to be used for blocking the sunlight though. Even so, it can create dramatic modern flair that you never imagine. If string curtains are chosen for dividing room, you can just arrange them in one line, but let’s see below. Fringe String Curtain Columns […]

winnie the pooh curtains ireland

Winnie the Pooh Curtains for Lovely Toddlers Bedroom

In designing toddlers’ bedroom, Disney characters pattern will always come first in mind. Why? It is because many kids like them so much. Of course, it is because they are cute. If you put the pattern from one of characters into your design, the bedroom will look lovely as well. Let’s take an example here. How about choosing Winnie the Pooh curtains for your kids’ bedroom? Winnie the Pooh Curtains […]

modern contemporary curtains

Spying Outside With Modern Net Curtains

If you want to remodel the interior design of the house, the will be great to include the curtain designs. Mostly, people always use the fabric and it is using a though material. To make it different from the previous design, you should check modern net curtains. This material creates the fabric softly and you can use the m to cover the windows greatly. Based on the material, this item […]

dark turquoise curtains

Ingle Screen Or The Double Screens On Turquoise Curtains

Having a good design of the exterior design for a home is not enough if you do not balance it with the beautiful design of the interior. This also happens if you have an artistic design of the windows but you do not prepare the most popular curtain design. To make it wonderful, it is better that you see the detail of the turquoise curtains. This curtain has some elements […]