burgundy curtains for living room

Burgundy Curtains by Regal Home Collections

If we are talking about burgundy curtains, then we must know what burgundy is. Literally, burgundy is a deep red color, the color that is even deeper than a rose. As you already know, red is perfect to make rich and elegant atmosphere in a room. However, what can we do to gain such thing if we cannot bear the deep red color on the curtain? Let’s see below. Burgundy […]

where to buy pinch pleat curtains

Pitchy Pinch Pleat Curtains

One of the interior design that you should maintain perfectly is the curtain design. This decides the wonderful appearance in the interior home. That is why the choosing of the curtain is not as easy as purchasing it. There are some considerations that you need to determine. As a suggestion, to exemplify is pinch pleat curtains. This is the development design of the old style. This uses the rings to […]

chocolate chenille curtains

Amazing Chenille Curtains

Talking about the interior home design, one of the elements to make it stay wonderful is the curtain. Some curtains nowadays are available on some types and more variants detail. One of the famous one is chenille curtains. Basically, this curtain only has a single color without any combination as any retro pattern. Although it is only a single color, this curtain is enough to create the sense of good […]

plum color curtains

Bright Room With Plum Curtains

Coming in dark depth accent, plum curtains are absolutely is great additional for home décor while it will perfect for any home model. For variant reason the curtains of plum design and color was favorite that presenting calmness and will enjoyable in any season time especially for winter. Here we will talk about plum curtain design and will surely come to you additional knowledge of home interior décor. As the […]

next velvet curtains

Comfortable Living Room With Velvet Curtains

Do you feel you old home decoration was come to aging far too much and you want to change them, but you also interesting on your window décor. Velvet curtains designed for variant home model but will absolutely fit for the transitional home such castle and vintage home. It commonly produced from synthetic or natural fibers. And here are few suggestions that will costly on your improvement on design experiences. […]

next navy curtains

Bring The Calmness In Navy Curtains

Sea life is inviting and interesting, some of us will spend a holiday on beach. But if you wanting to give the home decoration with sea accent, navy curtains are great idea to recommend while serve you elegance and comfortable living with enjoyable look over the window. So, it is also adding your memorable moment on home with it and here we have some idea to serve to find the […]

measuring for pencil pleat curtains

Best window design with Pencil pleat curtains

Classic and elegance, pencil pleat curtains is will greatly on contemporary and transitional home. Furthermore it serves you more privacy and comfortable look. But if wanted it and would like to install, there are several condition to take care on by it. Here we will talk about few idea on lining pencil pleat curtain, just pay close and read it carefully and you will not use the bag method that […]

curtain rail hooks

Advantage Of Curtain Rail

Do you want same simple for home decoration? Curtain is available for the variant kind and more over it was easier to install. Curtain rail is flexible to develop with any design on ceiling and wall decoration but also will surely come to extend your experiences on decoration which more private room and protecting from sunshine in hot day. To start the decoration, you have to ensure that the wall […]

grommet top curtains amazon

The Modern Grommet Top Curtains Style for Great Result

The grommet top curtains are popular to be used today. That is caused by its simple characteristic. For modern people, that can be everything because the main spirit of modern time is the simplicity. It is possible to combine this thing with the modern style of room décor based on the same reason. However, people also can compose such kind of modification to get the better appearance of their room […]